Details: EK SCADA System - User Interface - Zagreb Main Station

The system consists of a user interface, the service for the exchange of information and services for the readout signal.

User interface controls and manages the diesel generator, UPS system, point heaters, lighting of indicators and derailment indicators and reads the state of the doors openness, thermostats, fire alarm, luxomat and others.

The left part of the interface application takes control of point heaters module. In the top right part shows the parameters of the application (user and user profile) and the status of safety applications (date and time of the last data), and in the right lower part of the other modules of supervision and management.

Maintenance and installation of application

SCADA is developed as a web and client application and special maintenance is not required. Archiving of data in the database is done automatically and it is storing data by years as requested by the user. The system keeps records 3 years back. 


SCADA System

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