Details: Generally about EK RR system

Light-technical requirements for a road or a pedestrian area are connected with traffic frequency which is variable and depends on the time of the night, week or a year. The same is true for the illumination of pedestrian zones, which by regulation of light flow can track passer-by frequency during the night. The regulation provides several levels of light flow regulation, which is adjusted to periods of lower traffic frequency or attendance rate without endangering general illumination and safety. 
The application of EK-RR illumination regulation system reduces electricity consumption, prolongs light bulb duration and facilitates illumination system maintenance.

Public illumination is a big electricity consumer. By wise regulation (intensity decrease) of public illumination one can save up to 50 % energy, and by using the system of remote controlling and surveillance, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

Levels of illumination regulation

  • 100% light flow − without regulation
  • 75% light flow
  • 50% light flow

Users - EK RR system:

  • Hrvatske autoceste
    Autocesta čvor Jankomir, Ježevo, Križ, Novska, Motel Plitvice, Zagvozd, Ravča, Nova Gradiška, Mokrice
  • Aerodrom Zagreb
  • KBC Rebro, Zagreb
  • Miramarska, Zagreb
  • Zeleni val, Zagreb
  • Javno parkiralište Sesvete
  • Cities: Samobor, Skradin, Petrinja, Novska, Kutina, Buzet...


Monitoring and illumination regulation system


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