Details: Rectifier - Charger FDPAB 12-10A/TT

Rectifier - Charger FDPAB 12-10A/TT is used for power supply appliances with rated dc voltage 12 V (constant voltage of 13.6 V) and for charging stationary lead-acid battery with characteristics (10A, 13.6 V).

Rectifier allows at the same time charging the battery and powering appliances. In this connection there is no interruption in the power supply in case of disappearance or appearance of the input power supply (220V AC, 50Hz).

Rectifier - Charger is made in the technology of high-frequency voltage conversion (internal conversion of voltage frequency is 100 kHz), which provides a stable output voltage (steady ± 1%) with low output ripple voltage (<0.5% of rated output voltage).

Rectifier is suitable for consumers with increased demands of quality of power supply, such as telecommunication devices, radios, signaling devices etc.

Output current is electronically limited to 10A so that it is maintained even when the output clamps is in the short-circuit.

Output voltage is set at 2.27V per battery article (6x2.27 = 13.62 V). The charger is in constant parallel circuit with the battery. Charging voltage and voltage maintenance batteries were placed in the same amount of 13.62 V.


Railway Technology, Infrastructure subassemblies, Rectifier - Charger, Power devices for radio communications


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