Details: Electronic switch - Interrupter

Electronic switch (interrupter) EK KZ-GPR 30A is intended to periodically interrupt the power supply in adjustable intervals, adjustable off time, and adjustable date and time of beginning and completion of interruption. Interrupting of voltage is performed synchronously with Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Mentioned synchronization allows multiple EK KZ-GPR 30A devices that spatially located at different remote locations, for measuring purpose, simultaneously converting to interrupt mode, to perform simultaneous switching power supply, and at the end of all exit interruption mode

  • Input Power: 230 V AC
  • Operating Interrupting Voltage: Ł 50 V
  • Mean Interrupting Current: Ł 30A
  • Synchronization: GPS
  • The Duration Of The Cycle: 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30,60 S
  • Off Time: 0.1 to 59 S
  • Display: Two rows, alphanumeric
  • Ambient Temperature: - 25 oC do + 70 oC


Cathodic Protection System

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