Details: Parking management system – EK Rampa

The main task of the system EK Rampa is to permission inputs / outputs only to authorized persons according to previously established rules of conduct.

The system works so that authorized users can manage with ramps or doors with a phone call to a predefined number.

Through the web application it is possible to update the list of authorized users.

Parameters of Management System: 

  • The user interface is a web application accessible from anywhere with an internet connection,
  • Possible to control to the level of hours in a day,
  • Unlimited number of users,
  • Possible single / daily passage,
  • Daily, monthly, yearly tickets,
  • Daily, monthly and annual reports of passage,
  • Unlimited number of ramps or other control of passage,
  • The system can be upgraded with RFID reader,
  • Possible to upgrade and adapting the system to the needs of the customer.


Parking management system – EK Rampa

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