Details: Battery Charger FDPAB 40-200A/3U-M

Newer technologies of the rectifier based on the high frequency voltage conversion adapter that enables you to create the technical parameters far beyond the conventional rectifier and to the quality of output characteristics, the size and weight, and the benefits in terms of loss of electricity output.

The advantages of this technology, especially comes to the fore in demanding consumers, especially when the rectifiers are used as rechargeable battery chargers where the harsh demands placed on the rectifier control output parameters, as in the process of charging to avoid damage to the batteries. With new high-adapter-charger can be controlled to maintain the charging parameters (voltage and current) within the set limits with a tolerance ± 1%. Output ripple voltage is less than 0.5% of the maximum output voltage.

Limits of current and the charging voltage can be adjusted depending on battery used and according to:

  • Battery type: VRLA lead, lead-gel, ordinary lead, nickel cadmium
  • the number of series-connected articles
  • the capacity of the battery
  • Battery temperature

Charging regimes to be elected as follows:

  • IU charging characteristic
  • IUI charging characteristics
  • Wa characteristics of constant power
  • PWA characteristics of pulse charging current

When the rectifier are controlled microprocessor unit charging parameters are stored in the memory adapter (SD card) and can be monitored on a permanent connection through the "Ethernet" on your computer or cell switch from SD cards over the RS232 port on the laptop. Using the RS232 port are set (change) the parameters of charge.

Input voltage: 3x400V AC, +10%, -15%, 47-53Hz 
Maximum input current: <18A 
The shape of input current: ≥ 0.85 
Input protected by automatic circuit breakers: 2x (3x16) 
RSO degree of protection: B according to EN55022

The choice of parameters according to charging the connected battery-using the buttons S1, S2 and S3:

Ordinal number / type of batteries / voltage / current 
0 = SBM260-NiCd (24V, 55A) 
1 = SBM369-NiCd (24V, 75A) 
2 = SBM135-NiCd (30V, 30A) 
3 = SBM281-NiCd (30V, 55A) 
4 = SBM334-NiCd (30V, 70A) 
5 = SBM340-NiCd (33V, 70A) 
6 = SBM375-NiCd (33V, 75A) 
7 = SBM450-NiCd (33V, 90A)

Operating characteristics of filling: IU 
Output protected against short circuit: Electronic limit by default charging parameters, Automatic circuit 2x120

Output protected from wrong polarity battery, battery charger FDPAB 40-200A/3U-M not start charging until the battery is connected to the correct polarity and voltage ≥ 8V

Blockade output contactor: 
-A case of wrong polarity 
Case-2A Iout ≤ 1 sec in time. 
UB-case <8V

The accuracy of maintaining the set parametatara: ± 1% of the default

Output voltage ripple: ≤ ± 0.5% of the default voltage VEF

Efficiency: ≥ 0.9 at the maximum output power

- Overvoltage protection level IV derived varistors 230, leakage current of 20kA impulse 
- Automatic input circuit: 3x16Ax2 
- Battery fuse 2x120 
- An electronic limit

Other protection: 
Thermal protection against overheating of components involvement fan and lock work

Measuring the local numerical instruments: 
Current charging 
Voltage charging

Signaling a local light-emitting diodes: 
-The presence of mains voltage (L1, L2, L3), lamps (red) 
Input-voltage converter FDSIN 50-40A (P1, P2), LED (red) 
Charge-mode, LED (yellow) 
-Supplementation regimen (maintenance), IB <3A, LED (green) 
Fault-charger, LED (red)

Showing locally on LCD screen: 
Elected-type battery or the number of articles / capacity / voltage / current 

The standards for battery: DIN 41 733, IEC 60950

Cable length 10m 5x4 mm2 with the industry's 5-pole plug
Appliance-connectors for the supply of 300A
- RS 232 - PC
- UTP RJ 45 - Ethernet

Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to +40 ° C

Dimensions (VxDxŠ): 1600x400x600 mm
Weight: 90 kg



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