Details: Group lighting control

Light-technical requirements for a road or a pedestrian area are connected with traffic frequency which is variable and depends on the time of the night, week or a year. The same is true for the illumination of pedestrian zones, which by regulation of light flow can track passer-by frequency during the night. The regulation provides several levels of light flow regulation, which is adjusted to periods of lower traffic frequency or attendance rate without endangering general illumination and safety.

The application of EK-RR illumination regulation system reduces electricity consumption, prolongs light bulb duration and facilitates illumination system maintenance.

Group dimmer is a standalone group switching control box with IP54 protection level for outdoor and indoor use on plastic or reinforced concrete base.

Public illumination is a big electricity consumer. By wise regulation (intensity decrease) of public illumination one can save up to 50 % energy, and by using the system of remote controlling and surveillance, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

Regulation management is enabled with pre-defined times of regulation or regulation based on the current lighting. Regulator reduces voltage in order to save energy and increase lamp life.

The device is intended for group lightning control of street or road lights with high pressured sodium lamps equipped with electronic control gear.

Group dimmer operates on the principle of electromagnetic voltage regulation which does not create any voltage distortion or injection of current harmonics.

Characteristics of EK PLC 424A

  • Measurement of current and voltage at the RST phases 
  • The possibility of detecting any errors in phase 
  • Measurement of power and energy at every stage and collectively 
  • The ability to calculate energy savings in the transition to a low voltage lighting 
  • Four digital and two analog inputs 
  • Four relay outputs 
  • RS 485 port for connecting additional modules and USB communication with PC 
  • Control of ignition and fire-lighting at pre-defined times the annual calendar, using luxomat or combined.

Types of cabinets: GRR EK 314, EK 310 GRR, GRR EK 309, EK 308 GRR, GRR EK 306, EK 305 GRR, GRR EK 304, EK GRR 305-A, EK GRR 308 and EK GRR 320-A, where the first digit in the numerical designation indicates the number of phases, and the next two digits of power expressed in kW.


Regulation and control of public lighting


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